Dust meaning in hindi | Dust ka matlab 

Dust meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Dust 
Usage of Dust: 1: There is a fleck of dust on your coat. 2: the furniture was covered with dust 3: Clean dust . 4: The dust is swirling in the streets. 5: Sift the dust from the grain. 6: We had to dust off all those big guys . 7: Please dust off this vase . 8: In addition to the well-known gas and dust tails 9: In the winter the dust winds of the harmattan can make the nights rather cold. 10: Because abax also had the sense of "table sprinkled with sand or dust
Dust ki paribhasha : jamin par padi hai gard khar patte aadi jinhen saaph karane ke linye jhaadou diya jaata hai paani ya kisi aur drav padaarth ko is prakaar phekana ki usake mahin chhinte phailakar idhar udhar paden vah choorn jo lakadi ko aare se chirane par usamen se nikalata hai bachchon ki vah daavaat jisamen ve patiya aadi par likhane ke liye khariya mitti gholakar rakhate hain jo kisi prakaar tod phod ya nasht bhrasht kiya gaya ho kisi chij par padi hui gard aadi saaph karane ya aur koi chij hataane ke liye us chij ko uthaakar jhataka dena kisi chij ka mahit pisa hua choorn kisi bilakul jale hue padaarth ka avashesh mitti, ret aadi ka mahin choor

Dust synonyms
grime dirt soil powder soot earth refuse grit smut ashes filth ground lint sand loess granules cinders flakes fragments dust bunnies gilings sift spray scatter dredge spread cover besprinkle
Dust antonyms
cleanliness purity collect gather 
Usage of Dust in sentences

The word is used as noun verb in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun, verb or transitive verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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