Ease up meaning in hindi | Ease up ka matlab 

Ease up meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Ease up 
Usage of Ease up: 1: Conduct a handily horse Holding hands high reins , to support, to prevent stumble, fall, or to give him ease up front, to kowtow 2: In terms of Carousel, Conduct a high horse , Holding the hand of high reins, to support the horse to prevent butter from falling, or to give him ease up front, to kowtow

Ease up synonyms
collect arrange contain control appease reconcile smother soften soothe lull allay regulate check still console solace comfort modulate adjust restrain becalm moderate relax suppress quell placate pacify tranquilize repress cool mitigate resolve slacken lessen quiet temper settle rein assuage balm hold in re-collect simmer down tune down abate cease decrease diminish ebb fall release relent stop subside wane die down die out ease off slow down defer suspend pardon dwindle reduce cancel reprieve delay desist condone forbear halt modify forgive stay excuse respite repeal exonerate rescind absolve alleviate shelve amnesty sink hold up put off intermit prorogue fall away hold off breathe lean unwind spell nod slumber recline loaf repose loll lounge doze nap snooze dream idle laze let down sit down lie down stretch out drowse unbend unlax be at ease be comfortable compose oneself lie by lie still put feet up refresh oneself slack off take a break take a nap take five take it easy take life easy take ten take time out wind down decelerate hinder retard lag stall curb impede curtail handicap mire choke detain procrastinate qualify brake reef loiter stunt postpone bog down cut back cut down hold back set back anchor it back-water embog hit the brakes keep waiting let down flaps lose speed lose steam reduce speed rein in retardate depress lower dilute decline cripple impair sap undermine invalidate debilitate limp crumble impoverish fail enervate tremble languish debase droop tire faint vitiate fade totter exhaust flag devitalize adulterate relapse wilt minimize thin break up water down give way lose spirit thin out
Ease up antonyms
disperse scatter annoy incite worry distress excite intensify worsen disorganize liberate permit increase vex release destroy disarrange ruin anger arouse let go aggravate irritate provoke trouble upset agitate allow disturb move hurt confuse free continue condemn punish grow enlarge blame censure accuse prolong incriminate sentence rise raise develop expand extend strengthen approve leave alone advance carry on charge magnify hold keep encourage forge forward energize activate carry out walk do stand be active aid assist facilitate further lengthen accelerate expedite help push compliment praise invigorate achieve animate improve clean enhance purify refresh build up succeed win 
Usage of Ease up in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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