Eat meaning in hindi | Eat ka matlab 

Eat meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Eat 
As verb : अंधस अचना अभ्यवहरण अभ्यवहार आशि आशि उछेदना कवलना कसिपु कुचल के निगलना खजे जा रहना खा जाना खाट जाना खाधना खाधु, खाधू खाना खाफड़ खाये जाना गल जाना गिजा घोँटना चट कर जाना चबाना चर्बाना जग्ध जग्ध जग्धि जेँवन जेँवना जेँवना ढोँकना तिलकिट्ट तोड़फोड़ दानाचारा देहयात्रा धाहना धुधराना नठनापु नष्ट करना परिदलन पिद्धना पिवना पीना पीवना प्रपीति प्राणोपहार प्राणोपहार प्राशु प्राशु प्राश् प्सा प्सान प्सान बरबाद करना बिघटाना बिधंसना बिनशना बिमर्दना भँडा़ना भछन भछना भुंचना भुज्यु भोइन्न भोजन भोजनवृत्ति भोजनवृत्ति भोजू भोयन्न मसकाना मिस्कीट मिस्कीट मुखपिड मुरकाना मोड़ना तोड़ना मोसना रयि रसाय रौँदना लीकना वल्मन वल्मन विधंसना ‡ विध्वंसन विर्मदन विष्वाण विष्वाण विष्वाणन व्यापाद शरीरस्थिति संचर्वण समाश समाश हड़प कर जाना
Usage of Eat: 1: unclean meat 2: I eat sushi in her marriage. 3: We should not eat in surfeit. 4: I keep poultry in my farm.
I like to eat meat of poultry.
5: certified grade AAA meat 6: certified grade AAA meat 7: I got a tasty scone to eat at my Aunts bakery shop. 8: Small kids prefer to eat shortcakes. 9: Fish cake is made by frying the patties made of fish meat and potatoes. 10: Some communities dont eat beef.
Eat ki paribhasha : kisi taral vastu ko ghooant ghooant karake gale ke niche utaarana aalamaari, mej ya sndook aadi men chijen rakhane ke liye patariyon ya takhton ke dvaara kiya hua vibhaag

Eat synonyms
feed chew dine inhale bite nibble ingest attack devour pick swallow gormandize scarf snack cram masticate absorb scoff dispatch graze wolf bolt sup nosh gorge ruminate munch banquet digest break bread dispose of fall to pig out polish off put away take in lunch breakfast chow down feast upon gobble up have a bite have a meal have for make pig of oneself partake of peck at pork out take food take nourishment drain exhaust gnaw crumble squander spill disintegrate decay liquefy condense melt corrode dissipate disappear decompose vanish rot dissolve rust run through waste away
Eat antonyms
abstain misunderstand preserve open build maintain put together hoard combine unite grow improve coagulate solidify save develop flourish appear arrive 
Usage of Eat in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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