Eccentricity meaning in hindi | Eccentricity ka matlab 

Eccentricity meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Eccentricity 
Usage of Eccentricity: 1: The diagram on the left illustrates the effects of the eccentricity 2: Mercury poisoning could explain Newton's eccentricity in late life. 3: Mars had an eccentricity of roughly 0.002, much less than that of Earth today. 4: The eccentricity of an orbit is a measure of how elliptical it is. 5: Elagabalus developed a reputation among his contemporaries for eccentricity 6: Because of an eccentricity of 0.056 7: He also said, in terms of geometry, Ellipses considered in relation to their eccentricity 8: In terms of Pyrotechnics, eccentricity of a muzzle, as this axis deviation of the soul and which affects the accuracy of the shot 9: The eccentricity of a neighborhood
Eccentricity ki paribhasha : vidhi ya nishchay ke anukool praatibndh kisi doosari vastu ke saath atynt bhinnata koi kaam karane ki aisi dhun jisamen aaga pichha ya bhala bura na soojhe brahma ke chaar maanas putron men se ek vah bhishan maanasik rog jisase manushy ki buddhi aur ichchhaashakti aadi men anek prakaar ke vikaar hote hain

Eccentricity synonyms
peculiarity idiosyncrasy foible quirk abnormality strangeness oddity nonconformity aberration kink irregularity caprice anomaly singularity weirdness oddness queerness unconventionality whimsicality capriciousness freakishness outlandishness hereticism idiocrasy unorthodoxness waywardness whimsicalness
Eccentricity antonyms
sameness normalcy usualness regularity commonality normality standard conformity dullness uniformity regularness 
Usage of Eccentricity in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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