Effect meaning in hindi | Effect ka matlab 

Effect meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Effect 
Usage of Effect: 1: The effect of radiation of atomic bombing in Hiroshima can be seen on unborn
2: he just did it for effect 3: she said something to that effect 4: The placebo effect cured the patients diseace. 5: She never measures the effect of what she is going to say. 6: Your scoldings will have no effect on him.
The general effect of the symposium was overwhelming.
7: The new law will take effect next month 8: Rita gave a stippled effect in her cards for the S.U.P.W. work. 9: A recessionary effect on the economy is bad. 10: The smoke has deleterious effect on public health .
Effect ki paribhasha : kisi kaam ko chalaana vanaspati men honevaala vah bich athava poshak dravy ya goode se paripoorn bijakosh jo kisi vishisht RRitu men phoolon ke aane ke baad utpann hota hai vah jo kaaran ka vikaar ho athava jise lakshy karake karta kriya kare pradhaan sattaarthak kriya ek roop ya avastha ko chhodkar doosare roop ya avastha ko praapt hona ek sima men, jo adhik ya atynt kam na ho, thaharaana itana maan ya adhikaar ki jo baat chaahe kar ya kara sake

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The word can be used as noun, verb, adverb or transitive verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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