Enjoyment meaning in hindi | Enjoyment ka matlab 

Enjoyment meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Enjoyment 
Usage of Enjoyment: 1: While some of these may just be for the enjoyment of the hobbyist 2: Cārvāka, preached the enjoyment of material world. 3: Cārvāka, preached the enjoyment of material world. 4: Cārvāka, preached the enjoyment of the material world. 5: A large area of land, completely enclosed, including woods, meadows and sometimes parts water, and maintained for the enjoyment 6: By extension, harmonious colors, who fit well between they, harmonious Poetry, Who gives the ear a music enjoyment 7: By extension, it means Waiver possession, enjoyment of a thing 8: Civil Rights, those whose enjoyment is guaranteed by civil law in all French 9: complant Bail, Bail whereby enjoyment of land is granted by the owner to a farmer, dependent to plant and cultivate the vine and sets the proportion that the owner takes on crops 10: Disturbing someone in their enjoyment
Enjoyment ki paribhasha : shrrangaar ras ke tin bhedon men se ek prasann ya praphullit karane ki kriya sukh ya duःkh aadi ka anubhav karana ya apane sharir par sahana man ki vah uttam tatha priy anubhooti jisake dvaara anubhav karanevaale ka vishesh samaadhaan aur sntosh hota hai aur jisake baraabar bane rahane ki vah kaamana karata hai brahaspati ke pahale yug ke chauthe varsh ka naam

Enjoyment synonyms
recreation indulgence thrill luxury joy satisfaction amusement relaxation fun pleasure happiness gratification sensuality zest rejoicing savor self-indulgence entertainment fruition gusto delectation diversion hedonism gladness relish triumph loving enjoying advantage benefit ownership using exercise spending having
Enjoyment antonyms
sadness sorrow woe dissatisfaction apathy chore task displeasure lack labor work depression unhappiness gloom pain failure misery need want disadvantage hindrance loss handicap 
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The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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