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Entry meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Entry 
Usage of Entry: 1: Her entry is always melodramatic. 2: Yash got entry in the painting competition. 3: She has satisfied the conditions for entry into the college. 4: The police made a forcible entry into the building. 5: His entry was like a streamer in her life. 6: I sent off for the proper contest entry forms . 7: The entry of all three columns was unopposed. 8: If there are ten places the replacement policy can put a new cache entry 9: To make a successful entry into the echelons of the Roman political hierarchy 10: In her entry dated June 20
Entry ki paribhasha : kuchh vegapoorvak athava dusare ki ichchha ka virodh karate hue andar jaana dvaar kai chaukhat ki nichevaali lakadi jo jamin par rahati hai ghar men aane jaane ke liye divaar men khula hua sthaan naatak men kisi paatr ka rngamnch men pravesh

Entry synonyms
access entrance opening passage vestibule ingress door inlet avenue adit lobby portal passageway threshold gate foyer approach hall ingression doorway admission admittance appearance initiation entrã©e entering coming in free passage introgression player entrant participant submission candidate attempt competitor contestant item registration account memo memorandum note minute jotting
Entry antonyms
egress refusal rejection spectator conclusion exit blackballing fan 
Usage of Entry in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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