Excuse meaning in hindi | Excuse ka matlab 

Excuse meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Excuse 
Usage of Excuse: 1: They listened to his latest excuse mistrustfully. 2: He always gives some or the other excuse for being late. 3: She designed a good excuse for not attending classes that day
She designed to go far in the world of business
4: You'll have to excuse Bill . 5: I must excuse myself from the discussion . 6: Your excuse has a familiar ring . 7: Would you excuse me? This is my f loor . 8: On receiving Wayans' excuse that using Napster was just "sharing" 9: By extension, There is no excuse such conduct 10: Covering an excuse
Excuse ki paribhasha : vetravati ya betava nadi ka ek naam vah baat jise dhyaan men rakhakar koi doosari baat ki jaay kisi baat se bachane ya koi matalab nikaalane ke liye apane snbndh men koi jhooth baat kahana

Excuse synonyms
justification alibi apology trick rationalization pretext substitute whitewash disguise defense extenuation story stopgap evasion makeshift mitigation routine semblance song plea vindication cover stall subterfuge expedient grounds fish story song and dance jive regrets cleanup cop-out cover story coverup why and wherefore acquit pardon explain indulge tolerate relieve spare exempt condone defend exonerate reprieve exculpate mitigate appease vindicate rationalize extenuate overlook free purge remit discharge release shrive liberate clear bear with let off pass over shrug off let go apologize for dispense from exempt from give absolution grant amnesty make allowances for plead ignorance take rap for wink at
Excuse antonyms
permanent blame censure condemn damn sentence punish accuse incite prevent restrain limit hurt charge aggravate irritate reveal hold keep maintain 
Usage of Excuse in sentences

The word is used as noun verb in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun, verb or transitive verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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