Expel meaning in hindi | Expel ka matlab 

Expel meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Expel 
Usage of Expel: 1: The OAU put pressure on us to expel the Libyans. 2: In order to expel them from the Zuurveld 3: It is also possible for the House of Commons to expel a Member 4: The Mandubii decided to expel the women and children from the citadel 5: It is also possible for the House of Commons to expel a member 6: Syria joined the coalition to expel Saddam Hussein 7: Action to expel 8: Game balls, game that involves rolling the closest to balls purpose small ball and expel those opponents 9: It also means, in terms of medicine, Action to expel feces 10: It also works intransitively means and expel feces

Expel synonyms
dislodge evacuate remove exhaust ejaculate belch disgorge spew erupt vomit pass exude eruct get rid of drive out exudate irrupt blow out cast out oust suspend bar eject fire dismiss displace exile eliminate exclude evict proscribe blackball bust dispossess expatriate deport chase kick out send packing turn out drum out expulse give the boot give the hook give walking papers show the door throw out on ear
Expel antonyms
permit welcome absorb admit take in allow hire include hold keep accept employ engage 
Usage of Expel in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as verb or transitive verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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