Expert meaning in hindi | Expert ka matlab 

Expert meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Expert 
Usage of Expert: 1: She was an expert in fox trot. 2: He is an expert in Botany. 3: She is expert in making chololate puffs. 4: My mother is an expert cook. 5: She is expert in crochet work. 6: He is an expert of mineralogy. 7: Mr. Thomas is an expert seedsman. 8: Mr.Patel is an expert anthorpologist. 9: Her grandfather is expert in solving crossword puzzles. 10: Carl Sagan is an expert in cosmology.
Expert ki paribhasha : jo kisi vishay ka achchha gyaata ho vachan ka vaktratv shakti se hin jisamen kisi kaam ko chatapat sugamataapoorvak karane ki shakti ho raamaayan ke anusaar ek raakshas jo prahast ka mntri tha vah jise kisi vishay ka vishesh gyaan ho

Expert synonyms
adroit experienced deft skillful skilled adept trained crackerjack slick virtuoso professional savvy sharp handy apt big league clever dexterous facile practiced qualified schooled authority artist connoisseur phenomenon ace guru wizard whiz graduate buff old hand artiste shark doyen hot shot old pro
Expert antonyms
clumsy unskilled ignorant inexperienced unskillful stupid unintelligent inexpert awkward inept green amateur unknowledgeable untrained ignoramus rookie apprentice novice 
Usage of Expert in sentences

The word is used as adjective noun in english grammar. The word can be used as or noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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