Extra terrestrial meaning in hindi | Extra terrestrial ka matlab 

Extra terrestrial meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Extra terrestrial 
Extra terrestrial ki paribhasha : amaanushi

Extra terrestrial synonyms
martian e.t. little green man men from outer space space inhabitant outdoor external peripheral over surface extraneous extrinsic foreign marginal outermost outlying outward superficial outmost exoteric extraterritorial celestial angelic holy delectable wonderful supernatural glorious delicious ravishing lovely blissful divine luscious sublime adorable alluring ambrosial beatific beautiful blessed darling delightful empyrean enjoyable entrancing excellent exquisite godlike immortal lush rapturous scrumptious seraphic superhuman supernal sweet yummy cherubic abstract astral daydreaming dreamy ethereal fantastic incorporeal metaphysical otherworldly religious transcendental unearthly unreal visionary daydreamy nonmaterialistic supersensory alien extraterrestrial visitor man from mars visitor from another planet ghostly strange superb weird marvellous
Extra terrestrial antonyms
central interior middle horrible unpleasant awful unsavory hellish earthly bad disagreeable poor cultured experienced material worldly refined sophisticated 
Usage of Extra terrestrial in sentences

The word is used as adjective noun in english grammar. The word can be used as or noun in hindi. 
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