A lot example sentences

Also, as you read earlier the technologies that mass media use keep changing and so a lot of money is spent on getting the latest technology.But on the other hand, if you had read the story in the India Daily, you would know that the protests are because a lot of livelihoods will be lost if the factories close because the relocation efforts have not been adequate.We get to read a lot about unfair practices in elections.Common people in India attach a lot of importance to elections.At times it puts a lot of burden on the business as payment of interest is to be made even when the earnings are low or when loss is incurred.Because learning was easy, he turned a lot of his energy towards the Debating and Model United Nations clubs.Moreover, there has been a lot of overlapping of schemes.A lot of the work was done by Mangala, their domestic helper.For his brief life and an even briefer stay in Madras, Robert Clive seems to have done a lot of moving, besides figurehting some impossible battles in remote corners of India and marrying a maiden in St.Similarly, we have a lot of empty spaces in our lives.In order to fulfil social obligations and observe religious ceremonies, people in India, including the very poor, spend a lot of money.“A lot of people seem to think that disabled people are chronically unhappy,” I said.She didn't have any friends, but a lot of girls talked to her.However, this is not static equilibrium and there is a lot of activity at the boundary between the liquid and the vapour.Have you seen ponds which look green from a distance because they have a lot of algae growing in them? This is caused by excessive quantities of chemicals which get washed from the fields.

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