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Similarly in an endothermic reaction, heat is absorbed, qp is positive and ?rH will be positive.These soluble forms are absorbed by the plants along with water.Small amounts of monosacharides like glucose, amino acids and some of electrolytes like chloride ions are generally absorbed by simple diffusion.What would happen if it rains heavily in your town? Prof Ahmad told them that the forest also acts as a natural absorber of rainwater and allows it to seep.?H is negative for exothermic reactions which evolve heat during the reaction and ?H is positive for endothermic reactions which absorb heat from the surroundings.Some of these (like calcium chloride) are so soluble that they are hygroscopic in nature and even absorb water vapour from atmosphere.SO2 is also absorbed directly on both solid and liquid ground surfaces and is thus deposited as dry-deposition.A psychologist, thus, is like an instrument that absorbs all sources of information from the environment.Reactions in which energy is absorbed are known as endothermic reactions.Though chlorophyll is the major pigment responsible for trapping light, other thylakoid pigments like chlorophyll b, xanthophylls and carotenoids, which are called accessory pigments, also absorb light and transfer the energy to chlorophyll a.Such toxic substances affect human beings through various routes, i.e. through water, or through soil by being absorbed by vegetables grown in polluted soil.For example, if India has evolved a multi-party system, it is because the social and geographical diversity in such a large country is not easily absorbed by two or even three parties.75% of the solar energy reaching earth is absorbed by the earth surface and rest is radiated back to the atmosphere.However, some of the substances like fructose and some amino acids are absorbed with the help of the carrier ions like Na+.These pigments help to make photosynthesis more efficient by absorbing different wavelengths of light.

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