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This scheme of duty drawback is presently administered by the Directorate of Drawback under the Ministry of Finance which is responsible for fixing the rates of drawback for different products.Over the years, several new programmes have been launched and some have been restructured with the growing experience of administering the programmes.The effort was to know the topography, the soil quality, the flora, the fauna, the local histories, and the cropping pattern all the facts seen as necessary to know about to administer the region.An individual intelligence test is one which can be administered to one person at a time.After the discussion, re-administer the attitude scale to the group members.An institution empowered to administer justice and provide a mechanism for the resolution of legal disputes.The British believed that a country had to be properly known before it could be effectively administered.A group intelligence test can be administered to several persons simultaneously.ntelligence tests may be of verbal or performance type; can be administered individually or in groups; and may be culturally-biased or culturally-fair.In its broad sense, government administers and supervises over citicens and resources of a country.To administer the affairs of the Maasai, the British introduced a series of measures that had important implications.The cards are administered individually in two phases.A major advantage of performance tests is that they can be easily administered to persons from different cultures.Many medical and cosmetic formulations require that these be kept and administered at a particular pH.Therefore, verbal tests can be administered only to literate people.

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