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Research has shown that when acting in groups, people are more competitive as well as more aggressive than when they are on their own.One of these days you're going to talk yourself into a load of trouble,” her father said aggressively.These theories are characterised by less prominent roles to sexual and aggressive tendencies of the id and expansion of the concept of ego.As their population increased within this enclosed space, they started showing aggressive and unusual behaviour, such as biting the tails of other rats.The externalising disorders, or undercontrolled problems, include behaviours that are disruptive and often aggressive and aversive to others in the child's environment.Thus, a society whose culture values competition and assertiveness may accept aggressive behaviour, whereas one that emphasises cooperation and family values (such as in India) may consider aggressive behaviour as unacceptable or even abnormal.The behaviours typical of conduct disorder include aggressive actions that cause or threaten harm to people or animals, non-aggressive conduct that causes property damage, major deceitfulness or theft, and serious rule violations.It has been observed that people who have very low self-esteem and feel insecure may behave aggressively in order to 'boost their ego'.Individuals may exhibit aggression because they have found it rewarding (for example, hostile aggression allows the aggressive person to get what s/he wants).When freedom of movement, the sense of privacy, and personal space cannot be maintained normally, the person experiences stress and responds negatively — with a bad mood, or aggressively, and tries to leave the situation as soon as possible.Income statement gives a quantitative interpretation of policies, expenses, knowledge, foresight and aggressiveness of the management of a business from the point of view of income, expenses, gross profit, operating profit and net profit or loss.However, some other studies pointed out that merely watching violence on the television does not make children more aggressive.Within a short time, large scale activities from the above-mentioned regions carried over into neighbouring areas – and the most aggressive insurrections have taken place near the border.Opportunities to observe and imitate the behaviour of aggressive models should be reduced drastically.Groups have been found to be more aggressive than individuals.

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