Alive example sentences

But when he placed a mint plant in the same bell jar, he found that the mouse stayed alive and the candle continued to burn.The shabby room came alive from the brilliancy of the colours.Maybe the father is not alive but the son still carries on the family profession.He had the distinction of being the only member of the party to have bagged any game, dead or alive.Dead or alive, I couldn't imagine leaving without knowing about my cat.He said to Mill-wheel, “Do you think the fawn's still there? Will you help me find him?” “We'll find him if he's alive.As hunting and fishing are uncertain it is the women who keep their families alive by feeding them the vegetables they grow.The first column of the table shows that in Kerala, out of 1000 children born alive 11 died before completing one year of age but in Punjab the proportion of children dying within one year of birth is 49, which is nearly five times more.There, we had started with a notion we all have, that if we see something moving, it is alive.In the capacity of the business leader the global manager has to be alive to changing business situations and customer priorities he has to keep track of the trends in outsourcing and have the ability to envision upcoming opportunities as well as potential risks.Having been through the experience, yet survived it and staying alive, these persons may develop a positive outlook on life and, with empathy, pass on this attitude to other survivors.Only leave me in peace! [getting up] Eh? What? To whom? She's willing! Well? Kiss and be damned to you! [wails] He's alive.Even though Poland no longer existed as an independent territory, national feelings were kept alive through music and language.If they had stayed on the beach, they would not have been alive.But seen from a distance, the clouds clustering about it, the Great Stone Face seemed positively to be alive.

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