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What would you do in such a situation? What do you think most people of your age would do? If your answer is that you would agree to sign the letter, you have expressed a form of social influence called 'conformity' which means behaving according to the group norm, i.e. the expectations of other group members.An important question then is, how long will it take us to think all this? The answer depends on how we think.Make a list of all those pieces of information that you obtained by watching T in the last one week, and write down the answers to the following questions : Which shows did you watch? Which pieces of information indicate a positive form of behaviour.He became Professor in 1856 and Fellow of Royal Society in 187 He made major contribution to structural organic chemistry by proposing in 1858 that carbon atoms can join to one another to form chains and later in 1865,he found an answer to the challenging problem of benzene structure by suggesting that these chains can close to form rings.The sun went down behind the trees, and at last the king stuck the spade into the ground and said, “I came to you, wise man, for an answer to my questions.Half awake she felt for the adjoining pillow, although she knew the answer.“I will learn to drive a car,” he answers, looking straight into my eyes.The answer to this riddle is simple – each rupee is changing hands twice a month.To answer this question, let us take a look at how elections are held in India.Also, you will find answers to many of these questions not just in economics but also in your course in history and political science.What constitutes electricity? How does it flow in an electric circuit? What are the factors that control or regulate the current through an electric circuit? In this Chapter, we shall attempt to answer such questions.You would of course answer: in 'the green leaf' or you may add, 'in the chloroplasts' based on what you earlier read in Chapter You are definitely right.In this unit, we would like to answer some of the important questions through thermodynamics.There are many innovative interventions, such as that of Grameen Bank, that students may be made familiar with but it is important to realise that we don't have answers to all questions.Encourage the children to compare and discuss their answers.

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