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Artificial satellites have many practical applications.It is one of the most common applications of chemical effects of electric current.Personalised application: The use of this basic knowledge varies from individual to individual.Fertilizers should be applied carefully in terms of proper dose, time, and observing preand post-application precautions for their complete utilisation.On acceptance of application for shipping, the shipping company issues a shipping order.The company may either ask for the entire amount to be paid on application or by means of instalments on application, on allotment and on various calls.Applications that used the communal categories favoured by the colonial state were, as this letter shows, more likely to be approved.There are instances when applications for more shares of a company are received than the number offered to the public for subscription.Run application is meant to execute any existing program ; and Quit application is used to stop the execution of a running application; Run MS Excel command button is used for calling the MS Excel, spread sheet program which is part of MS Office package.It is a popular conceptual data model, which is mostly used in database-oriented applications.As you have already studied in the previous class, psychology began as an application-oriented discipline.This result, though sounds apparently impossible, is actually a simple application of the model we have learnt.Formally, it may be defined as a general-purpose software system that facilitates the processes of defining, constructing and manipulating (or processing) databases for various applications.The main industrial application of borax and boric acid is in the manufacture of heat resistant glasses (e.g., Pyrex), glass-wool and fibreglass.Within a week of filing application under the Right to Information Act, he was visited by an inspector from the Food Department, who informed him that the card had been made and he could collect it from the office.

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