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” A number of religious groups that emerged during this period criticised the ritual and other aspects of conventional religion and the social order, using simple, logical arguments.These three arguments were about the effects of democracy on the quality of government and social life.Karl Marx (1818-1883) and Friedrich Engels (1820-1895) added other ideas to this body of arguments.Are there some other arguments against democracy that you can think of? Which of these arguments applies mainly to democracy? Which of these can apply to misuse of any form of government? Which of these do you agree with? Clearly, democracy is not a magical solution for all the problems.Eleven judges of the Supreme Court heard arguments of both sides.But the strongest argument for democracy is a not about what democracy does to the government.There are other sections in the Constitution that help to strengthen the argument against untouchability – for example, Article 15 of the Constitution notes that no citizen of India shall be discriminated against on the basis of religion, race, caste, sex or place of birth (you learnt a lot about this in your Class textbook in the chapter on Equality).A counter argument is that consumers are forward-looking and will base their spending not only on their current income but also on their expected future income.If you know of any such controversy, try to find out arguments advanced by different people.Would you be able to do that in a country that is not democratic? Is that a good argument for democracy?” democracy.In the company of like-minded people, you are likely to hear newer arguments favouring your viewpoints.It is not affected by rational argument, and has no basis in reality.The function receives some inputs as its arguments and returns a value (also called its output).Social reactions, such as withdrawal from others, getting into conflict with others, having frequent arguments with even loved ones, and feeling rejected or left out.The Speaking tasks call for learners to work in pairs or groups, (for example) to present an argument, express a viewpoint, express contrasts, seek or give an opinion, introduce a speaker, tell a story, enact or read out a play in parts, etc.

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