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Street traders are the small retailers who are commonly found at places where huge floating population gathers, for example, near railway stations and bus stands, and sell consumer items of common use, such as stationery items, eatables, readymade garments, newspapers and magazines.Online transactions are captured to reward farmers for volume and value of usage.It is however, the essence of management, for achieving harmony among individual efforts towards the accomplishment of group goals.Tea bushes require warm and moist frost-free climate all through the year.It has also been reported that plant proteins get easily affected by U radiations which leads to the harmful mutation of cells.The medium and large farmers are able to use their own savings from production to arrange for capital during the next season.No worker or soldier or cleaner has ever harmed a grub.Scientific reports indicate that the modern farming methods have overused the natural resource base.In the absence of coordination there is overlapping and chaos instead of harmony and integration of activities.A quiet digital revolution is reshaping the lives of farmers in remote Indian villages.For commercial honey production, bee farms or apiaries are established.Farmers store grains in jute bags or metallic bins.Slash and Burn is a way of cultivating land where farmers clear a piece of land by slashing or cutting down trees and bushes.Gurpreet, Madho and Tina were walking through the village where they saw a farmer tilling land.Sometimes men marched in armies, conquering others’ lands.कभी-कभी सेनाएँ दूसरे क्षेत्रों पर विजय हासिल करने के लिए जाती थीं|

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