Armed example sentences

''No, I couldn't think of it!'' he said, looking quite alarmed.Some regard it as the biggest armed resistance to colonialism in the nineteenth century anywhere in the world.Along India's Cuddalore coast, where thousands of people perished, buffaloes, goats and dogs were found unharmed.Religious solace, armed struggle, self improvement and education, economic uplift – there appears to be no one way of doing things.Differential Aptitude Tests (DAT), the General Aptitude Tests Battery (GATB), and the Armed Services ocational Aptitude Battery (AS AB) are well-known aptitude test batteries.The British and French armed forces operating in China helped the emperor of the Qing dynasty to put down the Taiping Rebellion.No worker or soldier or cleaner has ever harmed a grub.Nana Saheb, the adopted son of the late Peshwa Baji Rao who lived near Kanpur, gathered armed forces and expelled the British garrison from the city.Needless to say, all this more than alarmed the orthodox.Through a tactful diplomatic alliance with France engineered by Cavour, Sardinia-Piedmont succeeded in defeating the Austrian forces in 185 Apart from regular troops, a large number of armed volunteers under the leadership of Giuseppe Garibaldi joined the fray.Residents had been stationed in many courts, the freedom of the rulers reduced, their armed forces disbanded, and their revenues and territories taken away by stages.These were of differing sizes and had seized their independence from the Mughals after a long-drawn armed struggle.Large rivers such as the Mahanadi, the Godavari, the Krishna and the Kaveri have farmed extensive delta on this coast.This trend has, however, harmed business in other industries like dairy processing, tobacco and liquor.Some marine fish of high economic value are also farmed in seawater.

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