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Such SUPPORT' DOCUMENT entity type which is used to keep track of support documents attached to each voucher via 1:N relationship, is a weak entity.The tongue is a freely movable muscular organ attached to the floor of the oral cavity by the frenulum.The other end is attached to a beam which is placed on the bulls' necks.In spite of the great value and importance attached to pro-social behaviour, people do not show such behaviour very often.On the basis of this observation August Kekulé in 1865 proposed the following structure for benzene having cyclic arrangement of six carbon atoms with alternate single and double bonds and one hydrogen atom attached to each carbon atom.Why is it so ? Has it something to do with their structures and the hybridisation ? You have read that hydrogen atoms in ethyne are attached to the sp hybridised carbon atoms whereas they are attached to sp2 hybridised carbon atoms in ethene and sp3 hybridised carbons in ethane.Indian cultural tradition provides us with certain effective mechanisms (e.g., fasting in vrata or roza and nonattachment with worldly things) for developing self-control.You may note that the hydrogen atoms attached to the triply bonded carbons are acidic but not all the hydrogen atoms of alkynes.SupportDocuments is an entity, which expresses various support documents that may be attached with a particular voucher of a transaction.The location selected becomes the upper left corner of the text box, and the attached label appears to the left of where the text control is dropped.Interest on debentures is paid to a person who produces the interest coupon attached to such debentures.This rotation results into infinite number of spatial arrangements of hydrogen atoms attached to one carbon atom with respect to the hydrogen atoms attached to the other carbon atom.These structures serve as the sites of attachment of spindle fibres (formed by the spindle fibres) to the chromosomes that are moved into position at the centre of the cell.The microtubules from the opposite poles of the spindle attach to the pair of homologous chromosomes.The stigma attached to mental illness means that people are hesitant to consult a doctor or psychologist because they are ashamed of their problems.

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