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Entity Types, which do not have identifier (or key attributes) of their own are, called weak entity types.By attribute of vouchers, the tuple for which does not exist in employees relation.t is difficult to count and specify the number of psychological attributes that can be assessed.An Entity Type is described by a set of attributes called “schema”.For example, if you yourself get good marks in a test, you will attribute it to your own ability or hard work (actor-role, internal attribution for a positive experience).Some may have more of intellectual attributes, others may have more of attributes associated with creativity.Personal identity refers to those attributes of a person that make her/him different from others.Particularly, when these attributes start changing fast, like when prices are going up (in what is called an inflation), or employment and production levels are going down (heading for a depression), the general directions of the movements of these variables for all the individual commodities are usually of the same kind as are seen for the aggregates for the economy as a whole.Today, scientific research across the world has attempted to establish the beneficial qualities of tea a fact the Japanese and the Chinese knew anyway from ancient times, attributing to it numerous medicinal properties.A wide variety of personal attributes such as intelligence, aptitude, interests, personality, and values can be assessed.Two or more attributes may be related in such a way that one or more becomes basic while the other becomes dependent on that basic attribute.He taught that Brahman, the only or Ultimate Reality, was formless and without any attributes.Attaching or assigning a cause for the target's behaviour is the main idea in attribution.The value of each attribute of a relation must be an indivisible value and drawn out of possible values associated with its domain.They attribute failure to external factors, such as bad luck, the difficulty of the task, and so on.

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