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In referencing Accounts Type, Accounts relation uses its attribute Type, which acts as foreign key to reference the tuples of relation Accounts Type through its primary key CatId.n the foregoing sections, you have read that there are variations in psychological attributes like intelligence, aptitude, personality and so on.The major elements of ER Model are entities, attributes, identifiers and relationships that are used to express a reality for which a database is to be designed.The primary key of this new relation is the combination of its unique attribute(s) for a particular tuple of the owner relation along with primary key attribute of such owner relation.One may not seek doctor's help for a cold if one attributes it to eating curd or for leprosy or smallpox if these are attributed to God's annoyance.The major elements of ER model are entities, Attributes, identities and relationship that are used to express reality for which a data base is to be designed.The Name attribute specifies the name of account and Type refers to the type of account (or category of account) as mentioned above.INCOME AND OTHER CRITERIA What could these attributes be? Let us examine this through an example.The attributes of entity type are used to describe it in the database.For every weak entity type, a separate relation is created by including its attributes.As you would remember, the attributes of Liberty are the red cap, or the broken chain, while Justice is generally a blindfolded woman carrying a pair of weighing scales.If more than one value is to be compared with an attribute, the value set can be given in Where clause by specifying IN operator.A relation schema is made up of a relation name and a list of its attributes.By attribute of vouchers, the tuple for which does not exist in employees relation.These attributes are categorised on the basis of varieties of tests used in psychological literature.

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