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While the World Bank was assigned with the task of reconstructing war-torn economies — especially the ones in Europe, the IMF was entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring stabilisation of exchange rates to pave way for the expansion of world trade.No distinction is made in receipts/payments made in cash or through bank.The aggregate of the net cash flows (or use) is worked out and is shown as, Net Increase Decrease in cash and Cash Equivalents' to which the amount of 'cash and cash equivalent at the beginning' is added and thus the amount of 'cash and cash equivalents at the end' is arrived at as shown in Figureure This figureure will be the same as the total amount of cash in hand, cash at bank (or overdraft) and cash equivalants (if any) given in the balance sheet (see Illustrations 7 to 10).It is also evident from Table 1 that the total amount of deposits held by all commercial banks in the country is much larger than the total size of their reserves.The exporter sends these documents through his/her banker with the instruction that these may be delivered to the importer after acceptance of the bill of exchange — a document which is sent along with the above mentioned documents.Overdraft is a situation when cash withdrawn from the bank exceeds the amount of deposit.The rate of interest charged by banks depends on various factors such as the characteristics of the firm and the level of interest rates in the economy.A corpse is being cremated on its banks; washerwomen are at their work and children bathe.Short-term liabilities are obligations that are payable within a period of one year, for example, creditors, bills payable, bank overdraft.About 4700 years ago, some of the earliest cities flourished on the banks of these rivers.लगभग 4700 वर्ष पूर्व इन्हीं नदियों के किनारे कुछ आरंभिक नगर फले-फूले|The plants seem to know it too, and the first cobra lily rears its head from the ferns as I walk up to the bank and post office.Apart from some of the products mentioned here, the latest area in which this concept is getting popular in many parts of our country (particularly in the urban areas) is the case of Automated Teller Machines (ATM) in the banking service.During the civil war, the Bolsheviks kept industries and banks nationalised.The bank issues blank cheque forms, to the account holder for withdrawing money.The bank column serves the purpose of the bank account.

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