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Binding of a hormone to its receptor leads to the formation of a hormone-receptor complex (Figureure 2 5 a, b).Small farmers like Savita and Gobind's sons have little surplus wheat because their total production is small and from this a substantial share is kept for their own family needs.The enactment of the FRBMA, in August 2003, marked a turning point in fiscal reforms, binding the government through an institutional framework to pursue a prudent fiscal policy.Rabindranath Tagore (1861-1941) developed the Bengali novel after Bankim's death.What made this change possible was the determination of the people of South Africa to work together, to transform bitter experiences into the binding glue of a rainbow nation.This authority-responsibility relationship binds individuals as superiors and subordinates and gives rise to different levels in an organisation.Can you think how this could be possible? RuBisCO has a much greater affinity for CO2 than for O Imagine what would happen if this were not so! This binding is competitive.Apart from natural lakes, the damming of the rivers for the generation of hydel power has also led to the formation of Lakes such as Guru Gobind Sagar.RuBisCO that is the most abundant enzyme in the world (Do you wonder why?) is characterised by the fact that its active site can bind to both CO2 and O2 – hence the name.Important Indian political and cultural figureures took an interest in the Soviet experiment and visited Russia, among them Jawaharlal Nehru and Rabindranath Tagore, who wrote about Soviet Socialism.It is the relative concentration of O2 and CO2 that determines which of the two will bind to the enzyme.One way to solve this problem is to make it legally binding to have a fair proportion of women in the elected bodies.The only tie binding these diverse groups together was a common allegiance to the emperor.Bindu can if he wants, get the money immediately by getting Ankit's acceptance discounted with his bank.Bookbinders and printers, catering to Christmas demand, too needed extra hands before December.

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