Boom example sentences

Supplies had to be increased to feed this booming export trade.Once again, the wealthy have more choices, thanks to the booming market in bottled water and water purifiers.During boom years, when employment is high, tax receipts collected to finance such expenditure increase exerting a stabilising pressure on high consumption spending; conversely, during a slump, these welfare payments help sustain consumption.This means that the deficit increases in a recession and falls in a boom, even with no change in fiscal policy.By the early twentieth century the demand became even higher, and during the First World War the world market boomed.Its production boomed in the late nineteenth century.Thus, booms and recessions in one country tend to be transmitted to other countries through international trade in goods and services.And the boom of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries seemed to have come to an end by the mid- 1920s.

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