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Since this looked like the geodesic dome designed by the US architect Buckminster Fuller, the molecule was named fullerene.But Gandhi was not permitted to draw water from the well lest some drops from his bucket pollute the entire source; how did they know that he was not an untouchable? Gandhi decided to go first to Muzzafarpur, which was en route to Champaran, to obtain more complete information about conditions than Shukla was capable of imparting.The supply of water per person in an urban area in India should be about 135 litres per day (about seven buckets) – a standard set by the Urban Water Commission.A family gets to fill a maximum of three buckets within this time.Whereas people in slums have to make do with less than 20 litres a day per person (one bucket), people living in luxury hotels may consume as much as 1,600 litres (80 buckets) of water per day.Some of these animals are tiger, lion, elephant, deer, black buck, crocodile, rhinoceros, snow leopard, ostrich and peacock.Spherical fullerenes are also called bucky balls in short.The other viable inland waterways include the Godavari, Krishna, Barak, Sunderbans, Buckingham Canal, Brahmani, East-west Canal and Damodar alley Corporation Canal.C60 molecule has a shape like soccer ball and called Buckminsterfullerene.Polypropene is used for the manufacture of milk crates, plastic buckets and other moulded articles.

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