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My worst experience was when I was writing important thoughts in a notebook ('buy socks', 'clutch drinks carefully', etc.Profits are often used by the producers in the next period to buy new machinery or to build new factories, so that production can be expanded.Buying and selling of goods and services within the boundaries of a nation are referred to as internal trade.These products have a large number of well-off buyers.Over the years, some richer pastoralists began buying land and settling down, giving up their nomadic life.Since buyers in international markets hail from different countries, they differ in their socio-cultural background., which enables the buyers to make better selection.Suppose you want to buy toothpaste, and the shop owner says that she can sell the toothpaste only if you buy a tooth brush.Similarly, the government buys cloth from the handloom weaver's cooperatives and sells it through stores known as Co-optex.At times, the government helps the cooperatives by buying cloth from them at a reasonable price.For instance, small loans are provided to the members for releasing mortgaged land, for meeting working capital needs (e.g. buying seeds, fertilisers, raw materials like bamboo and cloth), for housing materials, for acquiring assets like sewing machine, handlooms, cattle, etc.Once speculators believe that the exchange rate cannot be held for long they would buy foreign exchange (say, dollars) in massive amounts.For instance, Indian exporters will expect to be paid in rupees and, to buy our goods, foreigners must sell their currency and buy rupees.Small farmers need money to buy agricultural inputs like seeds, fertilizer, pesticides etc.Among the foreign buyers are businesspersons from the US and Europe who run a chain of stores.

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