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This is applicable even to soluble salts like sodium chloride except that due to higher concentrations of the ions, we use their activities instead of their molarities in the expression for Qsp.The Indian economy was mainly agricultural and rural in character; About 70% of the working population was employed in agriculture; About 85% of the population was living in the villages; Production was carried out using irrational, low productivity technology; Communicable diseases were widespread, mortality rates were high.However, the accounting standards cannot override the provision of applicable laws, customs, usages and business environment in the country.The same principle of territorial division of labour is applicable at the international level too.Thus, if the Cabinet is the most powerful institution in India, within the Cabinet it is the Prime Minister who is the most powerful.Export Inspection Council of India (EICI) is one such agency which carries out such inspections and issues the certificate that the consignment has been inspected as required under the Export (Quality Control and Inspection) Act, 1963, and satisfies the conditions relating to quality control and inspection as applicable to it, and is export worthy.Cabinet is thus the inner ring of the Council of Ministers.On 6 August 1990, the Union Cabinet took a formal decision to implement the recommendations.They produce chemicals, locomotive parts, agricultural equipment, machinery, tinplate, cable and wire.Though these laws, regulations and economic policies are more or less uniformly applicable within a country, they differ widely among nations.This certificate entitles the importer to claim tariff concessions or other exemptions such as non-applicability of quota restrictions on goods originating from certain pre-specified countries.For example, all of us discuss sports like cricket and soccer using a common vocabulary.A special value called Null is used to represent unknown or not applicable values of attributes in a tuple.Cabinet Ministers are usually top-level leaders of the ruling party or parties who are in charge of the major ministries.But cable television and the widespread use of the Internet is a recent phenomenon.

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