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Mishrilal has purchased a mechanical sugarcane crushing machine run on electricity and has set it up on his field.Similar equilibria involving CO molecules and hemoglobin account for the toxicity of CO.At last, Soapy came to one of the quiet streets on the side of the city.Whether they were only the outlying districts of the city, or places beyond in the surrounding country — who knew? — they attained a special fascination simply because they were unknown to her and remained out of her reach.So far we have focused on the quantitative aspects of water scarcity.This involves increasing the water holding capacity in sandy soils.The British now began living in the sprawling Civil Lines area that came up in the north, away from the Indians in the Walled City.But errors should never be corrected by erasing or overwriting reduces the authenticity of accounting records and give an impression that something is being concealed.She used candles rather than electricity, because she always thought electricity was too expensive.Similarly, the supply of electricity to an area can be useful for many people: farmers can run pumpsets to irrigate their fields, people can open small workshops that run on electricity, students will find it easier to study and most people in the village will benefit in some way or the other.Most liquids that conduct electricity are solutions of acids, bases and salts.Conventional sources include: firewood, cattle dung cake, coal, petroleum, natural gas and electricity (both hydel and thermal).He was brought up in a family of Muslim julahas or weavers settled in or near the city of Benares ( aranasi).(Nadir Shah) then attacked the Old quarters of the city and destroyed a whole world that existed there.In both cases the capacity of the economy to produce more output in the future rises.

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