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The school was twice as big as my old school, and to make matters worse, my closest friends were sent to a different high school.So once in a while a comet comes close to the Sun; it has a longish tail that is lit brilliantly by the sunlight and then it recedes into darkness not to be seen again for years, or for centuries.If different carbon atoms are joined together to form open chain of carbon atoms with single bonds, they are termed as alkanes as you have already studied in Unit 1 On the other hand, if carbon atoms form a closed chain or a ring, they are termed as cycloalkanes.Notice that the tropical region lies very close to the equator; between 10°N and 10°S.The temporary accounts are closed at the end of the accounting period by transferring them to the trading and profit and loss account.In a primary group, there is a face-to-face interaction, members have close physical proximity, and they share warm emotional bonds.Brought into close contact with the British because of their interest in trade and the first Indian community to westernise, the Parsis founded the first Indian cricket club, the Oriental Cricket Club in Bombay in 184 Parsi clubs were funded and sponsored by Parsi businessmen like the Tatas and the Wadias.It was close to the iron ore, coal and manganese deposits as well as to Kolkata, which provided a large market.When New Delhi was built, the National Museum and the National Archives were both located close to the iceregal Palace.Let us look more closely at the two advertisements that we began the chapter with.The star Sirius, which is the brightest star in the sky, is located close to Orion.Water stress causes the stomata to close hence reducing the CO2 availability.These serve two purposes: first, they recap the ideas discussed in the section and second, they enable better understanding of the themes discussed by bringing the learners closer to their real-life situations.Traders set up shops for the day and then close them up in the evening.However, the pesticide controversy adversely affected the sales of both Coke and Pespi as consumers started watching their diet more closely.

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