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The Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) is appointed by the President of India.The President of India in his address to the Parliament announced the intention of the government to implement the recommendations of the Mandal Commission.The Commission present its findings and recommendations to the government or intervene in the court on behalf of the victims.It is very common now for the Election Commission to reprimand the government and administration for their lapses.Dorothea Beale, principal of Cheltenham Ladies College from 1858 to 1906, reported to the schools Enquiry Commission in 1864: The vigorous exercise which boys get from cricket, etc.The Election Commission passed an order making it necessary for political parties to hold their organisational elections and file their income tax returns.In 1950, the government set up a Planning Commission to help design and execute suitable policies for economic development.The Commission gave its Report in 1980 and made many recommendations.A study conducted by the Planning Commission estimates that nearly 20 lakh jobs can be created in the education sector alone.In the last fifteen years or so, the Election Commission has begun to exercise all its powers and even expand them.Besides the purchase price, it includes freight and transportation cost, transit insurance, installation cost, registration cost, commission paid on purchase of asset add items such as software, etc.For example, the same study by the Planning Commission says that if tourism as a sector is improved, every year we can give additional employment to more than 35 lakh people.The village tahsildar s office, the collectorate, the commissioner s office, the provincial secretariats, the lawcourts all had their record rooms.Next, Gandhi called on the British official commissioner of the Tirhut division in which the Champaran district lay.The Election Commission has laid down detailed criteria of the proportion of votes and seats that a party must get in order to be a recognised party.

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