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As too much money is now chasing the same old quantities of output, the process ends up in bidding up prices of every commodity – an increase in the general price level, which is also known as inflation.A person holding money can easily exchange it for any commodity or service that he or she might want.Thus if prices of all commodities increase in terms of money which, in other words, can be regarded as a general increase in the price level, the value of money in terms of any commodity must have decreased – in the sense that a unit of money can now purchase less of any commodity.Once he has exchanged his shoes for money, he can purchase wheat or any other commodity in the market.for one commodity more or less also happens for the others.They searched for a commodity they could sell in China, something they could persuade the Chinese to buy.Commodity Boards: Commodity Boards are the boards which have been specially established by the Government of India for the development of production of traditional commodities and their exports.In macroeconomics we usually simplify the analysis of how the country s total production and the level of employment are related to attributes (called variables ) like prices, rate of interest, wage rates, profits and so on, by focusing on a single imaginary commodity and what happens to it.It was presumed that it was the responsibility of consumers to be careful while buying a commodity or service.The functions of commodity boards are similar to those of EPCs.When you buy any commodity, you will find certain details given on the packing.At present there are seven commodity boards in India: Coffee Board, Rubber Board, Tobacco Board, Spice Board, Central Silk Board, Tea Board, and Coir Board.Of course, The Encounter wasn t a known commodity among the Gemini literati.

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