Complicated example sentences

Thinking is a complex activity, so it is bound to involve a complicated interaction of many nerve impulses from many neurons.The chemistry of the early actinoids is more complicated than the corresponding lanthanoids, due to the large number of oxidation states possible for these actinoid elements.No matter how complicated an economic system may be, the annual production of goods and services estimated through each of the three methods is the same.Matters were further complicated because the Balkans also became the scene of big power rivalry.And we can introduce more players in the chain of production in the example and make it more realistic and complicated.Modern clinical procedures have increased the success rate of such a complicated technique.Both are very complicated activities that will use a great deal of energy in controlled ways.The question of defining any art form as “classical” is often quite complicated.Actually, these figureures are of Per Capita Net State Domestic Product at Current Prices for 2002-0 Let us ignore what this complicated term exactly means.

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