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Suppose equilibrium mixture (for above reaction) kept in a cylinder fitted with a piston at constant temperature is compressed to one half of its original volume.ere, pex at each stage is equal to (pin + dp) in case of compression [Figureure 5(c)].As you are already aware that coal is formed due the compression of plant material over millions of years.Methane is widely used as a fuel and is a major component of bio-gas and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG).LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) and CNG (compressed natural gas), the main sources of energy for domestic fuels and the automobile industry, are obtained from petroleum.If the pressure is not constant at every stage of compression, but changes in number of finite steps, work done on the gas will be summed over all the steps.It has ordered the industries to switch to cleaner fuels like CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) and LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas).LPG is the abbreviated form of liquified petroleum gas whereas CNG stands for compressed natural gas.The gas after compression is known as compressed natural gas.If the pressure is not constant but changes during the process such that it is always infinitesimally greater than the pressure of the gas, then, at each stage of compression, the volume decreases by an infinitesimal amount, d .Use of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG ) for vehicles to replace liquid fuels is gaining wide popularity in the country.It indicates that in case of compression work is done on the system.During this compression, suppose piston moves a distance, l and is cross-sectional area of the piston is A.As more soil deposited over them, they were compressed.Meanwhile, the silt was slowly compressed into rock.

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