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This type of movement arises in response to climatic constraints and terrain.The two types of such constraints are: total and partial.Each of these models, which consist of a set of relations (or tables) and the integrity constraints, constitutes the database design for accounting.Retrieval operation on Relational Data Model does not cause violation any integrity constraints.Participation constraint specifies as to whether the existence of an entity type depends on its being related to another entity via a relationship type or not.The referential integrity constraint stands violated in above example, if there is a debit or credit code in voucher relation, the tuple for which does not exist in Accounts relation.Whenever applied, these operations must enforce integrity constraints specified on relational database schema.This constraint is specified to maintain consistency among the tuples of such relations.Any such super-key, therefore, specifies uniqueness constraint.This can be shown diagrammatically as shown in figureure 1 2 Therefore, minimal super-key (also called Key) is defined as that part of super-key from which any attribute cannot be removed without sacrificing the uniqueness constraint.People experience exhaustion and attitudinal problems when the stress due to demands from the environment and constraints are too high and little support is available from family and friends.Governments in many countries run huge deficits forcing them to eventually put in place self-imposed constraints of not increasing expenditure over pre-determined levels (Box 1 gives the main features of the FRBMA in India).While key and entity constraints are specified on individual relation, the referential integrity constraint is specified between two or more relations.High inflation rates generally result in constraints on business enterprises as they increase the various costs of business such as the purchase of raw materials or machinery and payment of wages and salaries to employees.These include unrealistic standards, defective process, inadequacy of resources, structural drawbacks, organisational constraints and environmental factors beyond the control of the organisation.

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