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This shows that our computation of the multiplier is indeed correct.The controlling function measures progress towards the organisational goals and brings to light the deviations, if any, and indicates corrective action.Therefore, such controlled movement must be connected to the recognition of various events in the environment, followed by only the correct movement in response.But it does not guarantee that the entry itself is correct.If the auto order is not correct, the tab order can be set manually by clicking the row selector for a control and then dragging the control up or down into position in the Tab Order.The deviations and their causes are then reported and corrective action taken at appropriate level.When a contestant is at a loss for the correct answer to a question, s/he may opt for an audience opinion, the person most often tends to choose the same option that the majority of the audience chooses.Often, poems, songs and stories can also inspire us and make us believe strongly in an issue and influence our efforts to correct the situation.To equate giftedness with brilliant academic performance is not correct.“Thank you for the correction! Do you realise that we have only ten months of survival left for the entire living species on the Earth? Don't you think we have to do something to stop all this?” A fleeting smile crossed James' face.Have you consciously adopted an informal approach or is it something that just came naturally to you? When I presented my first Doctoral dissertation in Italy, one of the Professors said, “Scholars learn a lot of a certain subject, then they make a lot of false hypotheses, then they correct them and at the end, they put the conclusions.Normally a tallied trial balance means that both the debit and the credit entries have been made correctly for each transaction.This transaction was correctly recorded in the cashbook.However, tax rules for the calculation of depreciation amount need not necessarily be similar to current business practices, If depreciation on assets is not provided for, then the assets will be over valued and the balance sheet will not depict the correct financial position of the business.Finally we have noted that it may be incorrect to treat GDP as an index of the welfare of the country.

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