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In Suhasini s organisation the objective is procurement and sale of traditional Indian handloom and handicraft items.Historians now have come to increasingly recognise that the typical worker in the mid-nineteenth century was not a machine operator but the traditional craftsperson and labourer.The mechanical hand from the spacecraft ceased to work.This was because here urban crafts and trade guilds were powerful.Even as this was happening, new arts, crafts and production activities flourished in towns and villages.By the 1900s, in some areas factory workers and craftsmen were almost equal in number.Can you guess why this was so? The swords and armour making industry died with the conquest of India by the British and imports of iron and steel from England displaced the iron and steel produced by craftspeople in India.Tourism also promotes national integration, provides support to local handicrafts and cultural pursuits.Basket weaving, pottery and other handicrafts are examples of cottage industry.Like a bill of lading, an airway bill is a document wherein an airline company gives its official receipt of the goods on board its aircraft and at the same time gives an undertaking to carry them to the port of destination.The spurt in demand for goods like textiles led to a great expansion of the crafts of spinning, weaving, bleaching, dyeing, etc.Weavers and other craftspeople who continued to expand production through the twentieth century, did not necessarily prosper.There were increasing number of craftpersons and traders.Colleagues! he announced, the first spacecraft has landed.By the late nineteenth century, however, the craft of iron smelting was in decline.

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