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In regions around Benaras, cultivators began giving up opium cultivation.We should not however, think that the experiences of all peasants in colonial India were like those of the opium cultivators.Stalin's government allowed some independent cultivation, but treated such cultivators unsympathetically.In eastern Bengal, Haridas Thakur's Matua sect worked among “low” caste Chandala cultivators.A system called rakhi was introduced, offering protection to cultivators on the payment of a tax of 20 per cent of the produce.Unwilling cultivators were made to produce opium through a system of advances.It was the government opium agents who were advancing the money to the headmen, who in turn gave it to the cultivators.By taking the loan, the cultivator was forced to grow opium on a specified area of land and hand over the produce to the agents once the crop had been harvested.Gradually, local communities of fisherfolk and shifting cultivators, often tribals, merged with the new communities of peasants.In the empire, cultivators produced for the market as well as for their own needs and Russia was a major exporter of grain.Nowadays ploughing is done by tractor driven cultivator.How did Indian cultivators respond to their entry into the modern world of international commerce and trade? Let us look at the history of one crop – opium – to get an idea of what colonial rule meant to peasants, and how the market operated in the colonies.Many cultivators sold off their crop to travelling traders (pykars) who offered higher prices.The Deputy Opium Agent of Allahabad wrote in 1833: 'The Board appears to think that the cultivators are not unwilling to cultivate.After the soil loses its fertility, the land is abandoned and the cultivator moves to a new plot.

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