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While we sat there on the curb, planning my new bedroom, I heard someone walk up to me from behind and say, “Does this belong to you?” When I turned around to see who it was, I couldn't believe my eyes.Knowing that aggression can have more than one cause, can anything be done to reduce aggression and violence in society? Some of the remedies suggested for curbing violence and aggression are described below.Therefore, there is absolutely no doubt that all forms of pollution need to be curbed.In the 1960s, when the forest department of the government was not quite successful in curbing the indiscriminate felling of trees in large numbers, people of the economically backward Uttarakhand region expressed their concern through the Chipko movement, which became stronger because of devastating floods in 1970.Moreover, in many cases discriminatory behaviour can be curbed by law.They did not tolerate criticism and dissent, and sought to curb activities that questioned the legitimacy of autocratic governments.“Ma'am, what I meant is that there should be strict laws to curb corruption and wrong practices like appeals to caste and community.Implementing social justice and equality in society may help in reducing frustration levels and thereby curb aggressive tendencies at least to some extent.

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