Damage example sentences

However, the increasing population and industrialisation have already damaged this mighty river beyond repair.This prevents those harmful radiations from reaching the surface of the Earth where they may damage many forms of life.It was then discovered that her hearing was severely impaired as a result of gradual nerve damage.The tsunami of 2004 caused wide spread damage in the coastal areas of India.In any case, the damage caused to forests cannot be attributed to only the local people – one cannot turn a blind eye to the deforestation caused by industrial needs or development projects like building roads or dams.It is an agenda to combat environmental damage, poverty, disease through global co-operation on common interests, mutual needs and shared responsibilities.Are there seeds which float on water? Would those be lighter or heavier than those which sink? Why would they be lighter? Damaged seeds become hollow and are thus lighter.Photochemical smog leads to cracking of rubber and extensive damage to plant life.People who regularly ingest drugs damage their family and social relationships, perform poorly at work, and create physical hazards.On payment of a nominal premium, the amount of loss or damage and compensation for injury, if any, can be recovered from the insurance company.Lead can damage kidney, liver, reproductive system etc.When I walked through what used to be my house after school that day, I was shocked to see how much damage there was — whatever hadn't burned was destroyed by the water and chemicals they had used to put out the fire.He concluded that a burning candle or an animal that breathe the air, both somehow, damage the air.People stop the trains, pull the chain unnecessarily and this causes heavy damage to the railway.The veneer had lifted almost everywhere — it looked like water damage to me.

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