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He declared that he was a governor under Emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar.When dams are built or forest areas declared sanctuaries for animals, thousands of people are displaced.The activities of Ganga Action Plan (GAP) phase-I, initiated in 1985, were declared closed on 31st March 2000.The candidate who secures the highest number of votes from a constituency is declared elected.The stock eased after 2002 03 due to relief opertations undertaken by the goverment as the year was declared as drought year due to failure of monsoon.For example, the Government declared a holiday on April 08 which happened to be the day on which a bill of exchange drawn by Gupta upon erma for Rs.Three days after the election results were declared, he became the Chief Minister.If the dominant castes decided to not call them, then what would they earn? How would they survive? They also declared that the wrath of the local deity would strike them if they refused to give in.Payment of fixed rate of dividend to preference shares may enable a company to declare higher rates of dividend for the equity shareholders in good times.Within a few hours of counting, all the results are declared and it becomes clear as to who will form the next government.Around the same time as the French Revolution, the British colonies in North America declared themselves independent in 177 In the next few years these colonies came together to form the United States of America.Through these Acts some forests which produced commercially valuable timber like deodar or sal were declared 'Reserved'.Three days after the election results were declared, he became the Chief Minister.Sometimes, the companies also declare and pay some dividend during the course of an accounting year in anticipation of profits.While dividends are tax free in the hands of shareholders, the company has to pay tax on dividends declared at the prescribed rate which is termed as 'Corporate Dividend Tax' and a provision has to be made thereof.

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