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For example, when the instalment paid in respect of a fixed asset acquired on deferred payment basis includes both interest and loan, the interest element is classified under financing activities and the loan element is classified under investing activities.In the spacious dining hall of King's College, Cambridge, the butler whispered deferentially in the Provost's ear and handed him an envelope on a silver tray.Indirect method whereby net profit or loss is duly adjusted for the effects of (1) transactions of a non-cash nature, (2) any deferrals or accruals of past/future operating cash receipts, and (3) items of income or expenses associated with investing or financing cash flows.On the other hand, when goods are sold/bought on credit the payment is deferred to a future date.We often decide to delay or defer the satisfaction of certain needs.Learning to delay or defer the gratification of needs is called self-control.Androgens regulate the development, maturation and functions of the male accessory sex organs like epididymis, vas deferens, seminal vesicles, prostate gland, urethra etc.

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