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It is festival season two months from now and the shoe manufacturer, Salim, has received an order from a large trader in town for 3,000 pairs of shoes to be delivered in a month time.The moment the importer agrees to sign the sight draft, the relevant documents are delivered.The local manufacturer also gets the opportunity to get involved with international business and avail incentives, if any, available to the export firms in case the international firm desires goods so produced be delivered to its home country or to some other foreign countries.Once, when he was delivering a lecture at Pochampalli in Andhra Pradesh, some poor landless villagers demanded some land for their economic well-being.Although Sterling may do everything right to meet its delivery commitments, it relies on commercial airlines to transport its parcels, and occasionally fails to meet its deadlines.It may be direct, such as face-to-face messages delivered by the speaker to an audience, or indirect, such as message relayed over radio or television.The local currency shares of a company are delivered to the depository bank.In some cases instead of endorsing the bill, the shipping company issues a delivery order.The customers move into the store to pick up goods of their requirements, bring them to the cash counter, make payment and take home the delivery.Bearer debentures are the debentures which can be transferred by way of delivery and the company does not keep any record of the debentureholders.The teacher was asked to deliver a shock each time the learner made errors.We kids would be pushed aside with a mild rebuke and the loaves would be delivered to the servant.So anyone who felt I should be given some occupation would barge into my cubicle and deliver an extended lecture.For example, a production manager may contact marketing manager to discuss about schedule of product delivery, product design, quality etc.Now on planes when the food is delivered, my wife says: “Take the lids off the food for Daddy” or “Put your hoods up, children.

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