Devoid example sentences

The vast alluvial plains of north India are almost devoid of economic minerals.As no source of funds is devoid of limitations, it is advisable to use a combination of sources, instead of relying only on a single source.Height of a person is a simple attribute as it is devoid of further sub-division.Individuals who are brought up in a family environment that sets examples of helping others, emphasises helping as a value, and praises helpfulness, and showing more prosocial behaviour than individuals who are brought up in a family environment devoid of these features.Water is cost effective, noninflammable and devoid of any carcinogenic effects.In structures of mud, with roofs of tin and tarpaulin, devoid of sewage, drainage or running water, live 10,000 ragpickers.3 I should, however, be exceedingly surprised and even painfully surprised, if I were told that before cricket and football descended upon your sacred soil, your boys were devoid of all games.

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