Difficult example sentences

We usually call only those difficulties a 'challenge' which are significant and which can be overcome.It is difficult to carry forward one's wealth under the barter system.It is difficult to account for all the variables at the same time.What do they lack? Some psychologists believe that the source of their difficulty may be a lack of emotional intelligence.But they also make it equally difficult to rush through a bad decision.But the little Princess burst into tears, for it is very difficult to put the happiness of someone you love before your own, and with her little bird far out of sight she felt, all of a sudden, very lonely.This makes measurement of performance and their comparison with standards a difficult task.Yet the basic institutional design is not very difficult to understand.But most looked for odd jobs, which till the mid-nineteenth century were difficult to find.Have you ever observed while bathing that foam is formed with difficulty and an insoluble substance (scum) remains after washing with water? This is caused by the reaction of soap with the calcium and magnesium salts, which cause the hardness of water.Moreover, some of the so called APL slip back to BPL, because of the failure of even one crop and it is administratively difficult to accommodate such shifts.Ozone and nitric oxide irritate the nose and throat and their high concentration causes headache, chest pain, dryness of the throat, cough and difficulty in breathing.How difficult it had been, particularly that day at the village fair, but she had resolutely stifled a strong desire to ride the merrygo- round, even though she had the money.These, moreover, are the factors that make international business much more complex and a difficult activity.As stated above, the cost actually paid for an asset can be verified from the documents but it is very difficult to ascertain the market value of an asset until it is actually sold.

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