Difficulty example sentences

The characters in the novel are caught in the difficulty of adapting to colonised society and at the same time preserving their own cultural identity.What do they lack? Some psychologists believe that the source of their difficulty may be a lack of emotional intelligence.There is a greater risk when earnings of the company fluctuate; In case of redeemable debentures, the company has to make provisions for repayment on the specified date, even during periods of financial difficulty.A challenge is a difficulty that carries within it an opportunity for progress.Have you ever observed while bathing that foam is formed with difficulty and an insoluble substance (scum) remains after washing with water? This is caused by the reaction of soap with the calcium and magnesium salts, which cause the hardness of water.When he pulled hard on his chain, I had difficulty in keeping up with him.Similarly, the presence of dust particles, or other suspended particles, may give a feeling of suffocation and difficulty in breathing, and may actually lead to respiratory disorders.Freud claims that the core aspects of personality are established early, remain stable throughout life, and can be changed only with great difficulty.There could be some difficulty in deciding on who is more experienced or knowledgable.But then why do we need definitions at all? We need a definition only when we come across a difficulty in the use of a word.Thus, for Freud, an adult who considers the world a bitter place probably had difficulty during the oral stage of development.Children from this kind of family may have difficulty in becoming independent in life.They attribute failure to external factors, such as bad luck, the difficulty of the task, and so on.Children with SAD may have difficulty being in a room by themselves, going to school alone, are fearful of entering new situations, and cling to and shadow their parents' every move.On the other hand, there are children who face enormous difficulty in learning even very simple skills.

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