Disease example sentences

It includes various aspects such as feeding, breeding and disease control.Nitrogen dioxide is a lung irritant that can lead to an acute respiratory disease in children.The variations in seeking help are due to differences in mental representations people make relating to disease, its severity and the causes of disease.The number of people suffering from diseases of the respiratory system, for example, is steadily rising.accinations are given to farm animals against many major viral and bacterial diseases.This accounts for a large number of water-related diseases and even deaths.Insulin deficiency and/or insulin resistance result in a disease called diabetes mellitus.You may recall the names of Baba Amte or Stephen Hawkins, both of whom suffer from crippling diseases but have made great contributions in their fields.The classification scheme officially used in India and elsewhere is the tenth revision of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10), which is known as the ICD-10 Classification of Behavioural and Mental Disorders.Money may also not be able to protect you from infectious diseases, unless the whole of your community takes preventive steps.It has been reported that even a low concentration of sulphur dioxide causes respiratory diseases e.g., asthma, bronchitis, emphysema in human beings.These could also be disease-causing organisms, like the bacteria which cause cholera.Studies have shown that regularly breathing air that contains any of these substances increases the incidence of allergies, cancer and heart diseases.It might also lead to new ideas for preventing some types of cancer and other diseases.arieties or strains of crops can be selected by breeding for various useful characteristics such as disease resistance, response to fertilisers, product quality and high yields.

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