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A bill is said to have been dishonoured when the drawee fails to make the payment on the date of maturity.For example, Anju received bill of exchange duly accepted by Manju, which was dishonoured.Dishonour of a cheque means return of the cheque unpaid, generally due to insufficient funds in the customer's account with the bank.To establish beyond doubt that the bill was dishonoured, despite its due presentation, it may preferably to be got noted by Notary Public.This is because he is responsible for the dishonour of the bill and, hence, he has to bear these expenses.All the items of charges such as interest on overdraft, payment by bank on standing instructions and debited by the bank in the passbook but not entered in cash book, bills and cheques dishonoured etc.If a cheque deposited by the firm is dishonoured or a bill of exchange drawn by the business firm is discounted with the bank is dishonoured on the date of maturity, the same is debited to customer's account by the bank.On receipt of such cheque or intimation from the bank, the firm will make an entry on the credit side of the cash book by entering the amount of the dishonoured cheque in the bank column and the name of the customer in the particulars column.The journal entries in the books of the drawer and the drawee will be the same as that of dishonour of bill.Thus, the Act sets out to punish anyone who wrongfully occupies or cultivates any land owned by, or allotted to, … a member of a Scheduled Caste or a Scheduled Tribe or gets the land allotted to him transferred; At another level, the Act recognizes that crimes against Dalit and tribal women are of a specific kind and, therefore, seeks to penalise anyone who assaults or uses force on any woman belonging to a Scheduled Caste or a Scheduled Tribe with intent to dishonour her.If a cheque received from a customer is dishonoured, the bank will return the dishonoured cheque and debit the firm's account.

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